Friday, September 11, 2009


Have you ever noticed how cars often seem to mirror their owners’ personalities? No? Well let me give you some examples…..

Red sports cars are typically driven by pushy, competitive buttheads that have to be number one. I mean, they cannot tolerate one single car being ahead of them, thus they are continuously changing lanes in the all-important quest of being in the lead. It doesn’t matter that you are invariably going to end up at a stoplight next to them down the road. They passed you so they win. Aggressive driver = aggressive driving habits.

This is on my mind because I was tailgated by an upscale dark blue sports car this morning on La Fountain St., in front of Howard Community Hospital. I wish I could be more specific about the make and model of said vehicle but I can’t. All I can say is that it looked vaguely European. (Sorry, but I have an appalling lack of interest in all things automotive. I grew up in Indianapolis, and I have never been to the 500-Mile Race, which apparently is the greatest spectacle in racing. Not because I never had the opportunity, but because I never had the desire. If I did go you can be sure I would take along a good book).

Anyway, this car looked expensive. Not just expensive, but actually stuck up. It was undoubtedly driven by a doctor. No offense intended to MD’s, but it was a luxury sports car, being driven in an overbearing manner and turning into a hospital parking lot in Kokomo, Indiana – you do the math.

It wasn’t just the tailgating, which really, really irks me; it was the whole demeanor of the car. Yes, this car had a demeanor. It thought it owned the road. It was out to intimidate other cars because it thought it was better than them. This was seriously one bombastic automobile (that one was for you, Edie). Arrogant driver = arrogant driving habits.

When the car abruptly switched lanes to turn into the hospital, I had a feeling it was as much to get away from us peasants in our ‘common’ rides as it was to get where it was going.

So……could I be reading too much into this? Is it possible that this was simply a doctor in a hurry because he was due in surgery? Of course it is possible. But I don’t believe it for a minute.

Alas, my fine, upstanding friends (whom I will see this Sunday in church) I guess the ultimate point of this blog is so that I can make a public confession….*deep breath*….

I really wanted to ram that car.

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