Thursday, August 13, 2009


God really knew what he was doing when he gave me two girls.

Growing up I was the quintessential ‘girly-girl’. At age 4, I practically lived in my cousin’s hand-me-down gold tutu, spinning around the living room to “Swan Lake”.

Allow me to vent for a moment if you please….. For some reason, my Mom never enrolled me in ballet class. I have never quite forgiven her this lapse in parenting. Well, there was a brief stint when I was 12 – a deranged British neighbor lady decided to teach ballet in her garage. She tried in vain for six weeks to force my uncooperative limbs into painful and unnatural contortions at the barre, completely disregarding the fact that I was a beginner…. She finally told my Mom in despair that I exhibited no aptitude for ballet whatsoever, and that was that. Thank Heaven. However, deep down I just know that if my mother had signed me up at age 3 or 4 (with a qualified dance teacher), I could have danced with Baryshnikov with the American Ballet Theatre….well, probably not but I would be skinny and coordinated to this very day. So there.

Anyway….like most females, I have always loved beauty. As a child, that included ballet, girls with long hair, the rippling hoop skirts in “Gone With the Wind”, and anything that SPARKLED. I would sit mesmerized in front of a frosty window, drawn by the delicate snowflake pattern and glittering sunlight. I thought ruby red gazing balls were objects of breathtaking splendor. Nail polish was supposed to dazzle, otherwise what was the point?

Then…..I grew up. I decided things that sparkled were tacky. I traded my flashy, glistening nail polish for a more sophisticated matte or cream. Fabric with gleaming metallic thread was just not something that people with taste would consider wearing. Period. Rhinestones were reserved for the Peg Bundy’s of the world (Google that, you people under 30). I was proud to be the embodiment of ‘understatement’.

Then I had two daughters. Two beautiful, funny, quirky, sparkle-loving daughters; I can honestly say that because of them I have rediscovered the joy of things that shine. As I type this, I am wearing a deep golden nail polish, infused with a rich iridescence, and I am overcome with happiness.

Thanks girls, I had forgotten…..

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